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David Fogle has partnered with beckercommunications for over 10 years, executing branding, web and print projects for clients ranging from high-tech toy company Zowie Intertainment (Paul Allen financed) to successful portal (sold to President & Creative Director Mike Becker's former Madison Avenue client list includes Apple Computer, American Express, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, Panasonic, General Foods and dozens more. If you remember Bill Cosby and Jell-O Pudding or "I am stuck on Band Aid...", you know Mike's work.
david fogle, branding by design
Creator, Consultant, Designer
Since 1985, David Fogle has been involved in the branding by design process. As the media has changed, he has kept pace, recognizing that in this era of media personalization, brand expression is increasingly an interactive social process. Understanding the fast changing and voluminous social forces that shape brand identity has never been more important. Clients over the past 20 years have come from a wide variety of fields: hand-woven rug manufacturer, importer and distributor Michaelian & Kohlberg, reknowned interior designer Samuel Botero, electronics companies, arts organizations, real estate and medical companies, retailers and others.
Previously also known as: shakespear web and print design
NY LifeSpring LLC
Founding Partner
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NY LifeSpring, LLC is an egg donor referral agency licensed by the Department of Health of NY State. NY LifeSpring helps women who can not or should not conceive children using their own eggs, matching them with young women who are willing to donate. NY LifeSpring, LLC works with only established, well resepected fertility centers such as RMA of New YorkRMA of New JerseyOregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM), San Diego Fertility Center (SDFC) and a handful more. We have helped recipients from around the world, always with a focus on compassion and confidentiality, to begin or extend their family.